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Welcome New Life with Centria Healthcare

We are often being exposed to unpredictable and unfortunate events that mostly creates a negative impact on our health. Whether you have agonized from the severe vehicle accident, slipped from a staircase or any other personal injuries; it naturally disrupts the natural functioning of the body, and gradually, steals your peace of mind and happiness. If you are the one who is fighting with health disorders and desiring to get rid of it, then you can count on Centria Healthcare. It is a trusted and leading provider of rehabilitation care and home-based catastrophic injury solutions. It offers the safest and non-invasive treatment to the patients through cutting-edge tools and methodologies. It treats your spinal cord and brain-related injuries in an effective manner and provides unique healing techniques that can help you to retain a normal life.

Centria Healthcare offers impeccable medical treatments that are mentioned below:

  • Catastrophic care

  • Pediatric nursing

  • Autism services

Centria Healthcare offers a comprehensive program that caters the needs of every patient who has agonized to long-term complications related to an accident. It provides the most exceptional services such as occupational therapy, speech and physical therapy that can treat you to return to your normal life at an earliest. It aims to provide a unique healing process that helps in creating a positive impact on the lives of the people.

According to the research, it is observed that patients recover much faster when their dear ones surround them. Centria Healthcare makes sure that you will receive the most exceptional home treatment through pediatric nursing. It offers highly qualified and licensed nurses who administer private-duty nursing services such as nasogastric tube feedings, mechanical ventilation, etc. It grants specifically designed private duty nursing services that provide essential medical attention in the comfort of your home.

Many times, children between the ages of 2 to 5 years find it difficult to speak and have behavioral disorders which make them unable to fit into society. To overcome such hurdles, Centria Healthcare offers scientifically advanced Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (ABT) that teaches new skills and helps in reducing the problem. It provides both center-based and home-based therapies that provide holistic development to a child in a warm and friendly environment.

It is the one-stop destination for obtaining the complete recovery against serious health ailments. The team has qualified and certified professionals who treat every patient with love and care, and provides remarkable treatment that gives them a better version of life.

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